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Instant prices paid data for England and Wales


What sales are included?

The data covers single residential property sales in England and Wales sold for full market value which have been duly lodged with the Land Registry. Notable exclusions include repossessions, auctions, part sales and corporate transactions. For full details see the Land Registry Price Paid FAQ.

What date range is covered?

Currently January 1995 - March 2024. Data for all sales lodged each month is released by the Land Registry in the last week of the following month, along with any corrections or late submissions for earlier months. The new data is incorprated in on the same day. To register for an email alert as soon as the next batch is available, please contact us.

What is the significance of the different colours of the paid prices?

The red prices indicate a fall in price since the previous sale in nominal terms, amber is used when a price has fallen in real terms, i.e. when adjusted for inflation (using the Retail Prices Index). Green is for any rise.

Why are some sales highlighted with a yellow background?

This indicates the sale is an "additional price paid transaction", a category of sales which were previously excluded from the Land Registry's prices paid data, but began to be captured in October 2013. The Land Registry defines this category as:

What should I do if I spot an error?

Please contact us if the error looks to be something specific to this website, and we'll investigate. If it's an error in the raw data provided by the Land Registry, they'll need to change it at source so the correction can propagate to all users of this data.


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